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Filipinos in the US, Unite! Labanan ang Charter Change!

BAYAN USA condemns in the strongest terms the aggressive push of the Marcos regime to railroad Charter Change (ChaCha) through Philippine Congress before the Congressional recess on March 20. Rather than meeting the basic needs of Filipinos suffering from the economic crisis, Marcos’ so-called “economic ChaCha” will only entrench Marcos’ political power and sell the Philippines to the highest bidder. We call on all Filipinos across the United States to unite against this attack on Philippine national sovereignty and democracy!

The economic amendments being proposed will only further open up the Philippine economy, especially with the lack of economic protections for local business. Prices will surely increase if 100% foreign ownership is to be allowed. This is especially dangerous for an industry like public utilities, which Marcos is eyeing to liberalize through this ChaCha. Profits will be further squeezed from the people if basic needs like water, electricity, transportation, and communication are in the hands of foreign companies that are not accountable to the masses.

Our families are already working multiple jobs to send enough money back home to make up for the increase in prices in the Philippines. How much harder will our loved ones’ lives be if Marcos’ economic ChaCha makes everyday needs even more out of reach? 

As overseas Filipinos, we must also not be deceived by the administration’s trojan horse. Though the amendments that are on the table right now are specific to economic changes, passing the current economic amendments can easily become the first step towards changing the constitution further. That means even extension of term-limits could be on the table.

BAYAN USA calls for actions against Charter Change leading up to March 20:

  • Gather organizational signatures for the Migrante International petition ( which will be delivered at the Congressional readings! To sign the petition, email by March 17 11:59pm PT.
  • Mount protest actions on March 19 as part of a National Day of Action Against Charter Change! Send details of your action (location, date, time) to
  • Educate and engage other Filipinos in the fight against charter change and worsening economic crisis! 
  • Join the Tuloy Ang Laban Coalition to prepare for the longer fight ahead!

No to ChaCha! The Philippines is not for sale! 
Livelihood, land, rights, and independence; not ChaCha for foreigners and the few!
Serbisyo, hindi negosyo! Public funds for Filipinos at home and abroad, not for ChaCha!
Defend democracy and uphold national sovereignty in the Philippines!